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Landlord / Tenant Law

Kent County Attorney for Landlord & Tenant Issues

While it is fairly common for there to be minor disagreements between landlord and tenant, when a dispute escalates to certain level it is time to hire an attorney. If you need quality representation in regard to a landlord - tenant dispute or just need counsel in drafting legal agreements to prevent misunderstandings, I may be able to help. I am a Kent County lawyer well versed in the law as it pertains to landlords and tenants. I assist clients with commercial and residential rental or leasing matters. See what I may be able to do for your particular legal needs.

Help for Your Landlord / Tenant Concerns

When property costs are high, many turn to renting. When a tenant and landlord relationship turns sour or the tenant has broken a rental agreement, it is important to consult with a lawyer about evictions. I provide legal assistance in both commercial evictions and residential evictions issues. A landlord may attempt ejectment or eviction from a property under certain circumstances such as when the tenant inflicts damages to the property, does not pay rent as agreed, allows or commits illegal acts on the property or violates the lease agreement in any way. Nevertheless, the landlord or property owner must be aware of tenant's rights. If your rights as a tenant have been infringed upon through an unlawful eviction or other action you should speak with an attorney right away.

Successful tenant and landlord relations often depend upon starting out with a clear and detailed lease agreement. I have helped clients create lease agreements that clearly communicate the responsibilities of each party on the care, upkeep, expenses, rent, etc. which then helps avoid liabilities and disputes.

Contact a Kent County attorney today if you need resolution to a landlord - tenant dispute or other property lease / rental matter.

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