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Kent County Estate Planning Lawyer

Estate Planning Attorney for Kent County, Rhode Island

Estate planning is of vital importance for nearly everyone. It is not for the wealthy alone. Planning for the care of your estate and the future of you and your loved ones can be a complicated matter. As a dedicated and experienced Kent County attorney, I have helped individuals and families with the complex legal issues surrounding wills and trusts, probate law and other matters connected to estate planning. I use my experience and knowledge in this area as well as my skill in business law, domestic relations, family law and others to provide full and aggressive legal representation to each and every case I take on.

Estate planning includes making your wishes for the future of your property, assets and wealth made known and legally binding. This can include provisions for your own care should you become ill or incapacitated. I provide counsel on estate administration, living trusts, living wills, powers of attorney documents (such as healthcare power of attorney or financial power of attorney), guardianship, gift and estate taxation, elder law and many others. Make sure you have someone you trust helping you with your estate planning needs!

Why hire a Kent County estate planning attorney?

My goal as an estate planning lawyer is to make sure that my client's wishes for how their estate is to be cared for and / or passed on to loved ones is protected legally. Having the help of an attorney in drafting your estate plan, will or trust is crucial for making sure that what you want done will in fact be done as desired. A well-executed estate planning document can save a great deal of time, cost and emotional toll for your loved ones and can give you valuable peace of mind.

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