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Kent County Domestic Relations Lawyer

Do you need legal help for a domestic relations issue in RI?

Domestic relations and other family law related matters can be extremely emotional and stressful. As a domestic relations attorney I have experience dealing with many aspects of legal disputes or negotiations that can develop in a domestic situation. This area of the law generally deals with problems concerning families, a child or children. Courts take a strong interest in helping and protecting children and assisting in restoring a stable and happy home for them to live in. As a dedicated Kent County family law attorney, I work aggressively on my client's behalf to ensure his or her rights are protected and to obtain results. Give me a call with any questions you may have regarding a domestic legal issue.

Domestic relations cases often involve dealing with family court. I represent clients in divorce cases involving children and have a strong understanding of the legal aspects of child custody and child support. A divorce can also involve establishing or contesting fathers' rights, grandparents' rights or guardianship issues and I make sure to represent my client's best interests in such situations.

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Having the help of a skilled attorney is crucial in a wide variety of domestic relations matters. Establishing paternity is another common domestic relations issue that a lawyer may be able to assist you with. Whether considering an adoption or needing help with the care of a mentally impaired child or parent, help is available. I also represent clients in domestic abuse cases, juvenile crimes cases such as underage drinking, gang violence and others. A domestic relations lawyer should be your next call if you have any matter related to family, children or home life requiring strong and competent legal counsel.

I understand how important these matters are and the degree of dedication and drive it requires when your family is on the line. I may be able to help you resolve your case, so call today and set up your personal consultation.

Contact a Kent County domestic relations lawyer today and find out what I may be able to do for you and your family.

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