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Kent County Child Support Lawyer

Looking for a Kent County, RI Child Support Attorney?

Are you worried about getting the child support you deserve? I am attorney Steven J. Hart, and I have resolved many, many difficult cases involving child support. I am a dedicated and compassionate advocate to fight for what is fair, and I focus on the wellbeing of my clients and their children. One of the most stressful periods in a person's life is going through a divorce. Emotions run high and issues get complicated when children are involved, with concerns over child custody and child support that may need to be resolved. There are many variables that go into determining the amount of child support in a divorce. I have years of helping parents resolve these issues and will do a fair and accurate calculation with the end goal of ensuring that your children are cared for and supported by both parents in a fair and equitable manner.

Pursuing a Child Support Modification or Enforcement of Orders

If you need help with support modification or enforcement, I will go over the situation with you and determine how to proceed with your request to the court. I can advise you about the laws related to child support in our state, and the general expectations of the court. Typically, with a divorce, any children end up spending the majority of their time with one parent and the other parent is then required to pay child support. The non-custodial parent is given a child support order, and if not adhered to as ordered, can result in fines and other legal problems. Having an experienced Kent County divorce attorney on your side helps in quickly resolving any issues that are in contention, or arise later.

Compassionate Divorce Lawyer in Kent County

Allow my firm, the Law Office of Steven J. Hart, to guide you and to protect your rights throughout every part of the process. There are many stressful issues that arise surrounding child support payments. I am compassionate about helping my clients and their children get these critical issues resolved quickly and fairly. Enforcement actions can be taken when there is a failure to pay court ordered support. You can get answered with our online personal consultation form, and we respond to you quickly about this urgent matter.

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