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I am divorce lawyer Steven J. Hart, and I have been successfully resolving issues related to spousal support for years. I have a comprehensive understanding of Rhode Island family law and experience in all practice areas related to divorce. I can accurately assess your situation with regard to spousal support, and answer questions about what you could expect in payments, or if you will be forced to pay. These matters can only be determined on an individual basis, as the calculation is based upon the duration of your marriage, who earned what, who contributed what, and other factors. My advantage is a unique approach in which I listen closely about every detail, allowing me to be a far more powerful advocate for my clients.

Spousal Support Attorney in Kent County

Ending a marriage is a difficult and stressful time. There are many issues to resolve including the division of the marital property, custody and visitation of any children and both child support and spousal support. The dissolution of a marriage does not automatically include spousal support under Rhode Island law. If you and your spouse cannot come to an agreement in mediation or through negotiations between the two attorneys, a court will examine a number of facts to determine the amount and term of payment of alimony. An example of some of the facts the court will review include the duration of marriage, any misconduct during the marriage, capability and education for employment, the extent in which a spouse was absent from the workforce to raise children and other facts.

There are several other factors that will be taken into consideration, and each case is completely unique. I can help you get the facts about what to expect under state law, and the various options with regard to a settlement. You may decide a one-time payment will work better and end the association with your former spouse, or monthly payments would better serve you. Each person is different, and I would like to speak with you and go over the various options that could work for you.

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