Children and Divorce in Kent County

Making Important Decisions Regarding Your Children

When couples cannot resolve their marital issues, they may decide the best thing to do is file for a divorce. They will have many important decisions to make and issues to resolve involving their assets and property and about their children's future. The people most affected by change in a family situation are the children. For their sake and in consideration of each other, you can benefit from the support and legal guidance of a divorce lawyer who is well versed in family law matters.

The idea is to keep things as stable as possible for the children and protect their best interest throughout the divorce proceedings. Ways to accomplish that are through cooperation between the parties and attempting to maintain a standard of living similar to the pre-divorce situation. The Kent County courts will take into consideration the financial and intellectual ability, mental and physical health, history of abuse of child or spouse, behavior of other household members, and the willingness of the spouses to work together in considering child custody, visitation and support issues. Keep in mind that grandparent and grandchild relationships are often an important part of a child's life, and could be considered when making decisions about the children's future living and visitation arrangements.

The Law Office of Steven J. Hart can help you resolve the issues concerning the care of your children following a divorce.

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