DUI Arrests in Kent County

Individuals are often pulled over for suspicion of DUI. In most cases, it will be claimed that the officer spotted you driving erratically, or that you committed a traffic violation like stopping at a green light, or failing to stop at a red or a stop sign. The officer will then conduct tests to determine whether you were drinking and if you are too impaired to operate your vehicle safely. A field sobriety test consists of simple tasks – finger to the nose, walk in a line toe-to-heel and turn around, or recite the alphabet, for example. After the field sobriety testing, the case advances to the administration of a breath test, blood or urine test to measure the amount of alcohol in your system if it is believed that you "failed" the field sobriety tests.

If testing indicates your alcohol level it is over the legal limit, you may face an arrest and DUI charges. If arrested, you should seek legal counsel right away and before you make any incriminating statements. You should cooperate, but you can decline to answer questions and exercise your constitutional rights. A lawyer can examine the facts of your case paying special attention to details of arrest reports, police conduct, and the validity and accuracy of the tests. Did the officer follow protocol and standard procedures when dealing with evidence? Did you receive the Miranda Warnings?

A DUI conviction in Kent County can mean license suspension and other consequences. The Law Office of Steven J. Hart can review you case and help you with a defense.

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