Learn More About Attorney Steven J. Hart

If you are a Rhode Island resident in need of legal assistance, Steven J. Hart is the lawyer for you. This attorney handles a wide variety of different legal matters, and is well-informed so he can give you the successful and impressive results that you need. Attorney Hart covers bankruptcy law cases, divorce cases, estate planning legal issues, drug crimes, business law cases, criminal law cases, DUI cases, and child custody issues. Attorney Hart is also able to tackle car accident cases, domestic relations cases, landlord/tenant law disputes, will and trust issues, probate issues and personal injury litigation.

Most attorneys focus in on one area of law and only offer services for that particular legal practice. For example, some attorneys will only offer their services for personal injury cases, or others will label themselves strictly a probate attorney. Attorneys who practice a variety of areas need to be well-rounded. When you work with Attorney Hart, the possibilities are endless. Many areas of law overlap and attorneys that are specialized in only one area may not be of much help.

For example, if you are undergoing a divorce, this will affect your estate plans for the future. Maybe the divorce is because of a domestic violence charge, which adds a criminal element to the case. The injured spouse may be suing for medical damages, which then tosses in an element of personal injury law. As a result of the domestic abuse, you may be unable to get custody of your children, meaning that you will need an attorney to tackle this area of law. Having an attorney well-informed in all of these areas can be extremely helpful.

Another example is if you are charged with a DUI. If you are currently dealing with this crime, then you will want an attorney to stand beside you and defend you as you face your charges. You may also need defense against a personal injury plaintiff who will accuse you of causing an accident at the time. If your child was in the car when you were arrested for a DUI, then you may also need fight for child custody if you are charged with a child endangerment offense.

Attorney Hart is a lawyer you can trust. He has never been cited for unprofessional conduct by the Rhode Island State Bar, and has been practicing in the state for 14 years. As well, the attorney is a member of American Bar Association Family Law Committee and the American Bar Association Real Property & Probate Committee. In addition, he is a member of the American Bar Association, the national Associations of Consumer Bankruptcy Attorneys, The Rhode Island Family Court Bench/Bar Committee, the Rhode Island Bar Association, and the Rhode Island Trial Lawyers Association.

While Attorney Hart can assist you in virtually any case that you want to pursue, he concentrates of the areas of family law, bankruptcy law, estate planning and probate. He was admitted into the United States District Court in 200 after he attended Johnson & Wales and Suffolk University Law School to get the training that he needed. Steven understands that many legal issues are personal and maybe even a little embarrassing. If you are dealing with a situation that you want to keep confidential, you can trust Steven to honor that request. He will never violate the client-attorney relationship by sharing the details of your case with others. He will act as a compassionate legal professional, but also come alongside you as a confidant and friend in order to help you in your time of need.

From you initial consultation to the close of your case, you can rely on Attorney Hart to be there for you and be someone you can trust. Steven is proud to say that he provides clients with a wide array of legal options. He likes to market the firm as a one-stop source for all potential needs. If you want to learn more about Attorney Hart, you can look him up on HG, Kudzu, Lawyer Central, and Insider Pages. Attorney Hart is also on social media. You can look him up on Facebook and Twitter or look the firm up on Google+.

If you want to contact Steven Hart to help you with a case, you can fill out a personal case evaluation form today. You can also call the firm at (888) 701-0919 and make an appointment to come to the office. Attorney Hart's office is located at 328 Cowesett Avenue Suite 3 West Warwick, Rhode Island 02893. You can also use the e-mail sidebar on the website to contact a Kent County attorney today!